Rug Size Guide

You should choose the right rug size for your room depending on your design objectives. It is possible to use a rug as an accent or as a focal point. It can unite, extend or separate a room. You decide what the design objective is for the room and how you wish it to be used.

We present in this guide examples of different design aesthetics and how designers use area rugs of all different sizes.


8X10, 9X12 AND ABOVE

As all of these sizes have very similar setups, we can group them together into one category. Below is a diagram showing the standard setup for these sizes. Please keep in mind that these are standard setups. See the photo gallery below for more ideas.

It is important to note that the standard setup has most, if not all, of the furniture legs on the rug. A setup like this is used to define an area. Combined with the surrounding furniture, it creates a cohesive design that separates the area from the rest of the room.




The popularity of 5x8 and 6x9 rugs is increasing as people downsize their homes. Many times, they can be used interchangeably and give designers a lot of options. The furniture starts to separate from the rug in a standard setup, especially in 5x8.

Due to downsizing, 5x8 and 6x9 rugs are becoming increasingly popular. Living has completely changed how we interact with our space. Our favorite designs place the table near a window or wall. This will maximize light at the dining table while saving space.


You can use these sizes in unique areas of your home. The rug will make the space, even if you think it's not worth it.


A round table mimics the geometric pattern of round tables, but they also have many dynamic features in a traditional living room setup. Runners are usually used in hallways or narrow areas of the home.


This article is a source of inspiration and a recommendation. If you find something you like, use it. It doesn't take a designer to create a space that is unique to you. Your space is unique because it is your space.