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Collection: Yellow Outdoor Rug

yellow outdoor rug

This yellow outdoor rug was designed by Amara Washable Rug for today's indoor/outdoor lifestyle. These gorgeous yet functional yellow rugs take outdoor decorating to the next level with new designs in fashion-forward shapes and tones, as well as classic and contemporary patterns. Courtyard rugs are constructed with enhanced material for increased durability and are pre-coordinated for use in related indoor or outdoor spaces. Amara has developed a special material that produces intricate designs that are so simple to maintain that you can simply use a garden hose to clean your yellow outdoor rug.

Bring life to your outdoor space with this lightweight yellow outdoor rug, ideal for the beach, camping, a barbeque, or a picnic. Featuring a vine and border design inspired by new trends, this rug adds a touch of modern style to a porch or patio. This rug has a unique appearance due to the combination of various yellow tones and a cream pattern. The flatweave design is also suitable for high-traffic indoor areas. No need to worry about outdoor messes or spills! Simply hose down and wipe!

yellow outdoor rug

Does the yellow outdoor rug 8x10 come with a carrying storage bag? Is it a bag with a carrying handle or shoulder strap?

It comes in a plastic bag; there is no handle or shoulder strap. For more information, please contact us at with any questions.

I have bought some rugs for which it seems almost impossible to get rid of the wrinkles. Do mustard yellow outdoor rugs wrinkle over time?

Not at all, but if it does happen, we suggest letting it sit outside in the sun for a few days to remove the creases.

How do you suggest cleaning a yellow outdoor waterproof rug other than with a hose?

The easiest way to clean this yellow outdoor rug is with a broom and soapy water in a bucket. Clean up, and then rinse with water.

Are yellow outdoor rugs 5x7 available?

We invite you to check our online collection or contact us at