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Collection: White Rug

white rug

The white rug created by Amara Washable Rugs represents the pinnacle of luxurious floor coverings. This divine white rug is extraordinarily plush and opulently plush. The fibers do not shed or pill and provide style and comfort throughout the day. It is manufactured for strength. The plush pile will feel wonderful underfoot and beautifully complement your favorite furniture. fit for use indoors.

Our white rug is appropriate for the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and foyer. Use a vacuum with a high pile setting to remove debris, taking care not to fray the edges. Water should be used to spot clean, not bleach. Rotate periodically to extend the life of your investment. The neutrality of white makes it so easy to decorate with.

Enjoy the benefits of its natural fiber construction. Designed with long-lasting materials that resist paw prints and paw stomps. Place it in your active living area for a plush accent that safeguards your floors.

white rug

Can I wash a white rug fluffy?

For Amara washable rugs, cleaning the white rug by hand is usually the best solution; you can place your white rug in a bowl with cold water and a portion of detergent and move it around for a while. Alternatively, the majority of white rugs made and sold by Amara Washable Rugs can be washed in the washing machine; run a cold delicate cycle with as little spin or agitation as possible.

Is a white rug living room good?

White rugs can add a clean, calming, and neutral aesthetic to your living room and other rooms in your home. Adding a soft touch to children's bedrooms, living rooms, and any other space. Amara Washable Rugs has a variety of white rugs that you can choose from based on how much space you have.

What is the best kind of white rug for bedroom?

Given that the bedroom is typically a private, low-traffic area, a white plush, high-pile, or even deep-pile rug is ideal. Polypropylene and wool are resilient, long-lasting, and comfortable rug materials that are ideal for this area. To keep things interesting, contrast your rug with the rest of your interior design.

What are some popular features of a white rug circle?

Popular characteristics of round white rugs include stain resistance, non-slip backing, and machine washability.

I’m looking for a white rug 5x7 and a white rug 8x10, do you offer these sizes?

Yes, we offer white rugs in various sizes; if you have any questions, please check our online collection frequently or email us at