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Collection: White Fluffy Rug

white fluffy rug

Adorn your floors with this cozy modern area white fluffy rug; it's the ideal home decor for bedside, sofa, chairs, cushion, bedroom, kids room, girls room, nursery room, college dorm living room or study room reading nook or vanity section and blends harmoniously with most floors and furnishings. This luxury white fluffy rug is distinguished by its thicker and longer pile. The shag rugs are made from a velvety polyester material with a 3 inch long, high-density surface pile that provides a luxuriously soft feel underfoot. Through a sanitation process, hypoallergenic, odorless, resistant to fading, and resistant to dust contamination.

This decorative rug is more practical due to its fluffy appearance and soft texture. The white fluffy rug has soft, stretched piles and a delicate texture. Under the fuzzy luster, the high-quality texture of a faux sheepskin rug is revealed, and the anti-slip Suede backing of the white fluffy rug is ideal for any floor or tile. The filling and edging are perfectly blended, odorless, and non-shedding.

With a 2.5-inch silky-feeling high pile and a non-slip suede backing, Amara's white fluffy rug is crafted from premium materials. It is soft, comfortable, lightweight, and warm, with a silky texture. We recommend vacuuming or wiping it down. When cleaning is required, please hand-wash and air-dry the rug to maintain its loft and longevity. After the rug has been air-dried, it is preferable to fluff it. Not washable in a machine.

white fluffy rug

Does a white fluffy rug bedroom shed?

This white fluffy rug does not shed and is very fluffy, making it extremely comfortable. You'll adore it!

Is it possible to machine wash a white fluffy rug small?

Yes, please wash the rug on the delicate setting of your washing machine. When removing an item with faux fur, shake it to fluff it up. Select a well-ventilated location for air drying.

Does a white fluffy rug big come folded or rolled?

Our white fluffy carpet is vacuum-packed and folded. After opening, there are simple folds; after a few days on a flat plane, he will become even and fluffy!

Can a white fluffy rug 8 x10 be vacuumed?

The Amara white fluffy rug can be vacuumed with a direct suction vacuum that lacks a beater bar.