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Collection: Washable Kitchen Rugs

washable kitchen rugs

Decorate your home and kitchen with our lovely Amara washable kitchen rugs, which feature intricate printed textures on a soft-underfoot base. The modern design of our washable kitchen rug is an affordable way to spice up your kitchen and effortlessly complements any decor. Our Amara washable kitchen rug is made of extra-absorbent fabric top layer and thousands of anti-skid point plastic backing which is safe for everyday indoor high traffic areas from kid or pet activity.

The high-quality materials used to manufacture our washable kitchen rugs prevent pets from scratching them, and will not disintegrate or fade over time. The fiber is not only ultra-soft, but it also resists color fading. Our washable kitchen rugs are ideal for use in entryways, and underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways.

Put these washable kitchen rugs by the sink for a colorful, cozy accent. Alternatively, place Amara washable kitchen rugs at the foot of a favorite easy chair. The washable kitchen rugs are also ideal for doormats, entryways, and bathrooms.

Simple to maintain, It is suggested to vacuum, broom, or wipe this kitchen mat on a daily basis to prevent dust and crumbs from becoming embedded in the fibers. A washer and dryer are also available for a more thorough cleaning. It is favorable to wash in cold water without using bleach. It is simple to maintain a fresh appearance.

washable kitchen rugs

Should you place a rug set in front of the kitchen sink?

The space in front of the kitchen sink is the best, most functional place for your washable kitchen rug, regardless of the size or shape of your kitchen. It's where we stand for longer periods of time, so the extra padding there is extremely beneficial.

Do you offer washable kitchen rugs and runners?

We invite you to check our collection online or contact us at

Are washable kitchen rugs non-skid a good idea?

A non-slip rubber-backed washable kitchen rug prevents kitchen accidents and increases safety by providing a better grip on the floor surface. It is also easier to maintain the rug because it is washable.

What are the best washable kitchen rugs?

For the kitchen, you'll want to stick with easy-to-clean materials like polypropylene, PVC, or vinyl, and rugs or mats with very low pile. Avoid wool or cotton rugs that will easily absorb stains and tend to have a taller profile.