Collection: Washable area rugs

Washable area rugs
Washable area rugs are a cost-effective solution for homeowners with pets and young children or simply for high-traffic areas. Stains don't need to be scrubbed out or professionally cleaned. The only thing you need to do is toss them in the washing machine. Children can be messy eaters, and pets can sometimes make messes. You can easily clean up spills and messes with washable rugs for pets and kids.
Allergy sufferers may also benefit from machine washable area rugs. No matter how diligently we vacuum rugs and carpets, they can collect allergens like dust and pet dander. Washing rugs regularly in the machine with hot water can help mitigate these allergens. 
Whether you need machine washable area rugs for the nursery, kitchen, or any other room, you can find one to meet your needs. Amara Washable Rugs offer a wide selection of washable area rugs in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and even shag rugs.

What are the key criteria to decide what the best machine washable area rugs are? 

You should look at the material of washable area rugs as key criteria. Make sure that stains, spills, mud, and other accidents be easily removed after washing without losing their color and texture. It is technically possible to wash rugs made of cotton or synthetic fibers, even those with a rubber backing that does not slip. It is possible to wash small braided or woven rugs in the machine as well. Therefore y

In which rooms should I set up washable area rugs 9x12?

Washable area rugs 9x12 are best fitted in large rooms like dining or living rooms. They can also be a great fit for large bedrooms or home offices.

What are the key benefits of washable area rugs 2x3?

Washable area rugs

Washable area rugs 2x3 are a particularly good fit under the office desk, in the kids' room, playroom, or in the bathroom. While their small size makes it easy to fit them everywhere, they can brighten up a whole room. And because they are washable, you can place them in high-traffic areas of the house without any concerns. 

Do you offer large washable area rugs?

Amara Washable Rugs offer an extensive collection of large washable area rugs. Check regularly our online collection or contact us at for any questions. 

Do you offer washable area rugs 5x7?

Amara Washable Rugs offer an extensive collection of washable area rugs with multiple sizes. Check regularly our online collection or contact us at for any questions.