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Collection: Tufted Rugs

Tufted Rugs

With these incredible tufted rugs from Amara, your image, design, artwork, gamer tag, anime character, or favorite phrase can be transformed into a rug. These rugs are tufted with a soft half-inch pile and are both sturdy and comfortable for walking barefoot. The short tassels on the sides enhance its cuteness. It is the best option for high-traffic areas in your room for less than $100, and its modern patterns add a splash of color to your floors. It features complementary hues that complement numerous interior design styles.

It is ideal for children's bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries due to its attractive, contemporary, and unique appearance. ideal for adorning the foyer, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Additionally, it is the best option for holiday decorations and thoughtful presents for loved ones.

Cotton is used to create our tufted rugs. Material: 45% cotton+45% polyester+10% viscose. Available in two sizes, 2*3/2*4.3, are tufted rugs by Amara Washable Rugs can be machine-washed, hand-washed, and vacuum-cleaned. It is child-friendly, conceals dirt, and is easy to maintain. It will not fade or disintegrate after repeated washings.


Tufted Rugs

Are wool tufted rugs a good choice for high-traffic areas?

If properly maintained, tufted rugs are durable and wear well; they are best suited for domestic settings. They may not last forever, which can be advantageous if you enjoy redesigning your interior every 5–10 years. It is considered that tufted rugs are of heirloom quality.

Does a tufted rug kit last?

Standard tufted rugs will last between 5 and 10 years, depending on the amount of foot traffic they receive, while a rug of higher quality could last between 15 and 20 years.

Can I find hand tufted rugs here?

Amara Washable Rugs offers an assorted collection of tufted rugs, we invite you to check our online collection where you will surely find one that suits your idea of ​​decoration and your budget, for more information contact us at