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Tiger Rug

Amara offers tiger rugs, shaggy fur striped rugs, and rugs with a vintage distressed appearance that are ideal for use in any room of the house. By adding a tiger rug by Amara, you can add style to any room in your home. This is a lovely rug that will fit beautifully in any room you wish to make special. This Bengal Tiger design is unique and fierce, making it an excellent addition to any man cave or rustic recreation room. Not only do you get an attractive appearance, but your floors are also protected. The incredible tiger rugs woven by Amara are considered masterpieces and heirlooms of the future. Because of our wool. The pure wool used in our tiger rug comes from sheep that graze at sky-touching altitudes on the Himalayan mountain range. This region's extreme climate at these altitudes produces lanolin-rich wool. This produces the highest quality wool for carpet weaving. Our master weavers use their artistic abilities to create some of the most distinctive and exquisitely woven rug designs currently available.

There is a connection between tiger rugs and tantric meditation. In Tibetan art, Yogins meditating on tiger skins is a common motif. The motif of a tiger's skin was thought to protect the meditator from scorpions, snakes, and other insects by inducing anger.

We also offer an extensive selection of traditional, transitional, and modern designs. Our designs can be altered in terms of color, size, and shape. Please spend some time perusing our online collections.


Tiger Rug

Is a real tiger rug durable?

It is very durable, the durability of this rug is unmatched. Rest assured, your Bengal Tiger Animal Hide will withstand the wear and tear of those high traffic areas in your home. The material is tear- and scratch resistant. The design is printed directly onto the vinyl rug using a durable, high tech, digital UV printing process. Rest assured, these vinyl rugs will withstand the wear and tear of those high traffic areas in your home. These vinyl rugs are stylish, easy to clean, and ready to go straight out of the box.
This tiger design is unique and fierce and will go well with any man cave or rustic rec room. Not only do you get the awesome visual, but you also get added protection for your floors. These are not necessarily intended for carpeted areas, but if you have a low-profile carpet, you may still enjoy the decorative display. Not only do you get the "wow factor" from the cool design, but you also receive that extra layer of protection on your home floors. A true win win.

Is a Feroz Tiger Rug easy to use?

These vinyl rugs are intended to be laid flat on a hard floor surface floor.These aren't always made for carpeted areas, but if you have a low-profile carpet, you might still like the way they look.


What are the shipping options for a Tibetan tiger rug?

Please contact us at for more information.

What is the thickness of the tiger rug 8x10?

Thickness: 2 millimeters.