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stair runner

Your home can be improved without having to install a fully-fitted carpet with the help of an Amara washable stair runner. Our stair runners are available in many lengths, so they can be used in even the most challenging spaces. There is no doubt that you will discover the ideal fit.

Our stair runners were made with stairs in mind, fusing style and durability to produce a wonderful-looking and -feeling product!

Additionally, every stair runner offers a variety of colors to express your sense of style or even mix and match colors according to your mood! You can give your staircase a new look and feel with just a few minutes of work!

This Amara washable stair runner is made to be extremely durable because of the skillfully woven pile, making it ideal for pets because it is unbreakable. As a heavy domestic product, it can go in high-traffic areas of your home because of its classification. This product is expertly finished to the precise size that you order!

Are stair runners for wood stairs permanent or easy to take off if they need to be? 

Amara washable stair runners are not permanent. They are simple to remove from the stairs without harming your flooring.

How to fit a stair runner with style?

Your staircase's width will determine the size of the stair runner or tread you need. A 27-inch-wide runner, for instance, would be ideal if your stairs are 3 feet wide. A 32- to 33-inch runner is suggested for stairs that are 4 feet wide. Choose between the two fundamental stair runner installation options known as Hollywood style and Waterfall style.

Do I need stair runners for wood stairs?

If you have children or pets, our stair runners can shield your wood stairs and painted risers from the normal wear and tear that comes with a high-traffic area. Scuff marks are therefore unavoidable in the absence of a runner unless you follow a policy of no shoes inside the house.