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shag rug

Our beautiful shag rug combines contemporary design with extreme comfort. This rug's fluid high/low lines give it an abstract appearance, making it the perfect accent for your space.

The washable Amara shag rug is the perfect combination of comfort and style. It is extremely soft, fashionable, and dense. These shag rugs are both comfortable and resilient. The distinctive dyeing process provides unrivaled color saturation, and the nearly 2-inch-thick pile is unbelievably soft. The yarns are resistant to stains, crushing, and shedding due to their functional design. Your children and infants will feel cozier and warmer when playing on the floor, owing to the soft surface of the rug, which also lends it a plush appearance.

It's a perfect fit for any room. This shag rug is adaptable enough for the nursery, dorm, playroom, apartment, home office, study, or foyer, as well as both girls' and boys' bedrooms. Spend lavishly on an exceptionally durable and comfortable rug. Our shag rugs are available in a variety of sizes and colors to complement the décor and design of your room.

This shag rug is the perfect size, is soft and fluffy, and is available in vibrant hues. As a gift, your family will adore it.

shag rug


What are some good designs of shaggy rugs for living rooms?

Shaggy rugs are the most prevalent type of shag rug. Shaggy rugs feature thinner fibers than their cousins the noodle rugs but are not as fine and fluffy as Flokati rugs. They are available in a variety of materials and pile lengths ranging from 1 to 3 inches. If your living room is small and dim, it is recommended that you choose bright colors to increase the light reflection. In contrast, darker rugs can give additional warmth and coziness to expansive rooms. Amara Washable Rugs provides a vast range of shag rugs, which you can view by browsing our catalog, which contains many styles that you may find appealing.

Do you provide handmade rugs?

At Amara Washable Rugs, we avoid some of the disadvantages of handmade rugs, such as knitting and design flaws, weight, transportation hardening, and high-cost maintenance. In light of this, Amara provides a vast selection of beautiful shag rugs, children's rugs, kitchen rugs, etc. They are all machine-washable rugs that complement any style.