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Collection: Shag Rug

shag rug

The gorgeous Amara washable shag rug combines modern style with extreme comfort. This rug's fluid high/low lines give it an abstract appearance, making it the ideal accent piece for your room.

The Amara washable shag rug is the ideal fusion of comfort and style. It is soft, fashionable, and exceptionally dense. These shag rugs are both soft and durable. The unique dyeing process offers an unmatched depth of color, and the nearly 2-inch-deep pile is unbelievably soft. The yarns are stain, crush, and shed resistance due to their practical design. Your kids and babies will feel cozy and warm when playing on the floor thanks to the soft surface of the rug, which also leaves it feeling soft and opulent.

Fits any room perfectly. This shag rug creates a cozy environment with a plush rug that is adaptable enough for the nursery, dorm, playroom, apartment, home office, study, or foyer, as well as for the bedrooms of both girls and boys. Spend lavishly on a rug with exceptional durability and comfort. Our shag rugs are available in a variety of sizes and hues to match your room's decor and design.

shag rug

These shag rugs are the ideal size, soft and fluffy, and come in vibrant colors. Your family will adore it as a gift.