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Collection: Red Outdoor Rug

red outdoor rug

Add a splash of color to your favorite spaces with a red outdoor rug from Amara. This rug is ideal for group activities around your pool in your backyard, for a day of picnicking, or for any other enjoyable activity you organize with your friends. The solid red color and soft, inviting texture will delight your family, while providing a comfortable seating area.

This versatile red outdoor rug is made of 100 percent premium polyester that is resistant to soil, stains, and bleach, allowing it to withstand daily use for years. Antimicrobial protection from Impervion prevents bacterial growth and odors, making it a safe and hygienic spot for outdoor areas. In addition, the rug's Actionbac backing allows it to lie perfectly flat and provides the necessary stability to keep it in place. This rug is the ideal addition to your outdoor space as it has been certified to the highest quality standards.

This durable outdoor rug does not absorb moisture, is stain resistant, and is hose-cleanable. UV resistant for color retention and machine-washable: Simply shake or rinse with water and mild detergent. Because the rug does not absorb moisture, it will dry quickly in the sun.

red outdoor rug

Is a red outdoor waterproof rug really waterproof?

The majority of outdoor rugs are water-resistant, as opposed to fully waterproof. This means they will not hold more water and will stay dry, but after wet weather, they may need to be hung over a railing to prevent mildew. With an outdoor rug, your patio, porch, or poolside will feel warmer and more welcoming right away.

Would a red outdoor rug 5x7 look good on a wood terrace?

We would recommend an earthy, fire red color for your outdoor rugs so they fit naturally with the shades of polished wood. We would also suggest looking at a wider variety of beige and cream area rugs to create a stronger contrast.


Will walking on red outdoor rugs 8x10 get very hot in direct sunlight?

These outdoor rugs are light; they can be placed in open spaces such as a balcony or around the pool, maintaining an acceptable temperature. They are actually surprisingly comfortable.


Is a large red outdoor rug the right fit for my patio?

Outdoor rugs are designed to withstand sun, rain, sleet, and snow and can be left outside all year. This red outdoor rug will look great next to lovely outdoor cushions or next to a fire pit.