Collection: Pink Rug

pink rug

Planning to add a bit of fun to your room? Check our collection of pink rugs. Don't need to wait until Wednesday to take that marvelous color out of your dresser. You can do it now! We gathered on this page all the possible shades of pink that will be just the perfect choice for your home spaces. Starting from the bedroom, you can find selected light pink styles that embrace your feet with the softest feel, perfect to use next to your bed. Now speaking of the kitchen, go for stain-resistant and nonslippery runners in our collection.

Here's why a pink rug is a wonderful complement to your space. Pink is a remarkably powerful mood regulator. Its darker shades of pink have effects similar to red-heightened emotions, while paler pinks are calming. The color pink is associated with energy, youth, and fun. It represents the caring femininity associated with first love. A touch of a pink rug in your dining room can bring warmth to a cold design, and especially if it is our chevron pattern rug will definitely look great!

We offer a large variety of rugs and you can choose the perfect fit for you in our collections. For kids' rooms, we recommend polyester washable rugs available in distinct patterns and prices. Now, for the patio, we recommend pink area rugs that will blend with your current furniture. Both rugs are made of high-quality materials and are durable, guaranteeing a beautiful style that lasts. Check our options on

Amara's washable pink rugs have been hyperpigmented through a special coloring process. It undergoes a multi-step process involving various coloring, chemical treatment, and moisturizing techniques. This is done to achieve a vibrant hue. Our pink rugs retain their original design and vintage appearance. They are crafted from eco-friendly, high-quality fibers to help you feel good with every step.

Our pink rugs are resistant to spills and stains, making them suitable for households with children and pets. It can also withstand heavy foot traffic in your home. For the washable ones, machine wash in cold water. No bleach should be used. Air-drying or drying without heat on a cycle with only air is recommended. If needed, a low-temperature iron can be used. 

pink rug

Is the small pink rug washable? 

Amara Washable Rugs offers a wide range of washable and non-washable rugs to suit your specific needs. Washable rugs are preferable in high-traffic areas where spills or mud stains are likely.  We offer washable and non-washable pink rugs, resistant to spills and stains, making them ideal for homes with children and pets. They will also withstand heavy traffic in high-traffic areas of your home. To clean, machine-wash in cold water. 


Is the pink rug ideal for the nursery? 

Because the nursery's entryway is one of the busiest areas, a small pink rug by the front door is a great way to not only add style to the space but also keep your floors clean and dry. Consider placing a small 2' x 3' or 3' x 5' entry rug just inside the nursery's front or back door, where visitors can wipe their feet.

Is the pink rug fluffy and comfortable? 

The Amara washable pink rug is gentle on the skin. This pink rug is made of long-lasting, fade-resistant materials.

Do you provide blush pink rugs? 

We provide a large collection of pink rugs that can accommodate everybody's budget and taste. Check our online collection regularly or contact us at with any questions.