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Collection: Pink Area Rug

pink area rug

This decorative design will set your unique living space apart. This pink machine-washable rug from the Amara collection features a beautiful design and durable materials. Pink is an excellent color choice for any room in the house. Choose from several sizes that are guaranteed to satisfy. Our pet-friendly and easy-to-clean area rugs enable you to spend more time at home.

The pink, machine-washable rug belonging to Amara has been hyperpigmented through a special dying process. It is subjected to a multistep process involving various coloring, chemical treatment, and moisturizing procedures. This is done to obtain a vibrant color. Our pink Amara washable rug maintains its original appearance and design. Our pink Amara machine-washable rug is made from eco-friendly, high-quality fibers to make you feel good with each step.

This pink rug is resistant to stains and spills, making it appropriate for homes with children and pets. Additionally, it can withstand high foot traffic in your home. To clean, use cold water in a washing machine. There should be no bleach used. Air-drying or drying without heat on an air-only cycle is advised. A low-temperature iron may be used if necessary.

pink area rug

Is a blush pink area rug ideal for the nursery?

Because the nursery's entryway is one of the busiest areas, a small pink rug by the front door is a great way to not only add style to the space, but also keep your floors clean and dry. Consider placing a small 2' x 3' or 3' x 5' entry rug just inside the nursery's front or back door, where visitors can wipe their feet.

What color rug goes with a hot pink area rug?

Surrounding any neutral furniture with pink rug is a great approach to create a well-balanced space where the sweetness of the pink is highlighted by the eye-pleasing natural elements. And that's why a pink rug can work perfectly alongside a neutral couch.


Do you provide 5x8 pink area rug?

Yes, we provide a collection of pink rugs that can accommodate everybody's budget. Check our online collection regularly or contact us at with any questions.