Collection: Outdoor Rug 5x7

outdoor rug 5x7Discover the largest collection of outdoor rug 5x7 and other sizes. Previously, when patios and backyards were nearly ignored, we spent our time inside the house, and as a result, we invested in decoration and nice furniture to make our room cozier.

Nowadays, the barrier between indoors and outdoors is fading as more time is spent on patios doing daily activities like reading, painting, spending time with family, and even working. This is why we spend a lot of resources on creating the best outdoor rugs for every budget and taste.

We selected outdoor rugs that are suitable for any type of home and terrace decor. Our collection features plenty of colors and materials available to suit your outdoor area, kitchen, and other high-traffic areas. You can choose intricate patterns, plain styles, and soft or hard surfaces.

For an outdoor rug, we recommend using a machine-washable rug, which is easy to clean and keeps the stains away from your rug. Most of our products received a chemical bath to prevent mildew and mold, which makes them safe for kids and pets to play on.

For each place, we help you find the correct rug size and be assertive in your shopping decision. Check our chart of sizes that follows every rug page. If in need, don't hesitate to contact us. In our shop you will find rugs in all colors, starting from light blue colors to darker ones, including black rugs.

Adding an outdoor rug is a quick and easy way to update your outdoor living space without undertaking a major project that will cost you a lot of money. A quality outdoor rug can really transform your outdoor living area into an inviting extension of your home. Picking the right material, texture, size, and color makes more difference than the actual cost of the rugs. There are numerous color and style options available on Amara for you to make the right choice. Some are rich in details, others are more simple. We let you choose what attracts your eye.

In case you are searching for indoor rugs, we also have the right collection for you. As a matter of fact, most of our outdoor rugs are also a perfect match for indoor outdoor. You can search in our shop for traditional rugs, mildew-proof, green rugs, red rugs, and every other detail that you have in mind.


outdoor rug 5x7

Is a waterproof outdoor rug 5x7 the right fit for my patio?

Most US patios and terraces can fit a waterproof outdoor rug 5x7 indeed. Outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the sun, rain, high-traffic areas, and snow. They can be left outside without any problems and still add substance and style to your outdoor area. A 5 x 7 waterproof outdoor rug is easy to clean. The only work you will have with them is picking up once a month and shaking, to take off the dust. You should also make sure they receive enough sun to avoid any mold. Remember too much sun is likely to get the colors fading over time though. Check out our store for different styles, colors, and textures.

Do you offer seasonal outdoor rugs with 5x7 clearance?

Amara is running several promotions per year, on key occasions. Check regularly our online collection or contact us at for any questions.

What should be the color of my patio for an outdoor rug 5x7 blue to properly match?

Most patios and terraces use neutral colors such as white, brown, or grey. Using a color like blue can help to create a welcoming atmosphere in the room. When considering this color, the words "soothing, comforting, and calming" come to mind. It's because blue has been shown in studies to clear the mind and increase focus. A white or beige patio is more likely to make your blue outdoor rug stand out nicely.

Do you offer 5x7 outdoor rugs under 50?

Check our online collection or contact us at