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Collection: Oushak Rugs

Oushak Rugs

Amara's collection of oushak rugs preserves exquisitely the enduring elegance of traditional Turkish rugs. The renowned patterns and mottled shading (abrash) of authentic Oushak rugs are featured throughout the entirety of this outstanding collection. These beautiful versions are made of 100% pure wool and have a traditional design that fits in with today's classic home decor.

It recreates the exquisiteness of Oushak rug art from the 15th to the 17th centuries with elegant symmetry and timeless floral patterns. The bright red, green, and gold colors of the geometric patterns on the antiques give traditional or transitional decor a touch of luxury.

A faithful reproduction of Oushak in the weave and motif of 16th and 17th century Turkish rugs, possibly with a field of randomly enlarged palmettes balanced with an ordered sequence of flowering vines, fabricated from 100 percent wool and specially washed to achieve an aged patina. Olive and rust hues should be used to complement modern lifestyles.

Be inspired by the same exquisite aesthetic that produced the Taj Mahal and the Mughal emperors' jewelry. a remarkably intricate rug with a fresh, on-trend color palette and an updated classic floral pattern.


Oushak Rugs

Is a 9x12 oushak rug a suitable option for a backyard?

Using the Amara Washable Rugs collection, it is simple to add a touch of antique elegance to any room. Our oushak rugs features a comfortable combination of colors and designs, all expressed in a language of intricate detail that reveals more to admire with every glance.
Please note that the design you select will depend on the décor of your room. Amara Washable Rugs carries a large selection of 9x12 area rugs that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Is the quality of modern oushak rugs good?

When it comes to materials and texture, Oushak craftsmanship is regarded as among the best, as they not only consider the carpet's quality but also its visual appeal. Wool, cotton, silk, and even metal threads are common materials used in the creation of vintage Oushak rugs.

In which room would oushak rugs pink fit best?

Oushak rugs are an excellent choice for bedrooms and private sitting rooms due to their luxuriously plush texture.

Are colorful oushak rugs easy to clean?

The best thing about Oushak Rugs is that they're easy to clean. Most of these rugs are made with 100% pure cotton, making them easy to maintain. Cotton doesn't absorb stains easily, and you can easily wipe off spills on these rugs. Brush your rugs daily and vacuum them once or twice a week for regular maintenance.