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Collection: Nursery Rugs

nursery rugs

Amara Washable Rugs offers a collection of nursery rugs that will bring you endless joy. The 2 1/2-inch high pile fibers are fluffy, soft, and ideal for sinking your toes into. A variety of colors and designs makes it simple to find the ideal rug for your interior design. Relaxed sophistication and a neutral backdrop for a colorful interior design. The High Pile provides unparalleled comfort no matter where it is placed. Our nursery rugs are ideal for those who want to give their baby's room a warm and inviting appearance.

The delicately soft fibers of Amara Washable Rugs' nursery rugs provide year-round comfort in baby's favorite spot on the floor. Our top quality nursery rugs are a natural insulator and wick away moisture to keep your baby happy and content—warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Sterilized against bacteria and germs. Washable. Because these naturally hypoallergenic nursery rugs are made to high standards, they are free of anything that could be harmful to children.

nursery rugs

What is the best material for my nursery decor rug?

It is difficult to determine which rug material is ideal for a baby's bedroom when there are so many options available. If durability is a priority, choose a strong, machine-washable synthetic nursery rug if durability is a priority. If you prefer natural materials, choose an organic fiber such as cotton or sisal. When in doubt, a wool nursery rug is always a safe bet. Organic wool is resilient and simple to clean. It is also naturally resistant to fire and water. It is even antibacterial or antimicrobial, which makes it a great choice for people with asthma or allergies.

Do you provide rugs that support the weight of a baby chest of drawers without getting damaged?

Yes, Amara Washable Rugs offers a wide selection of nursery rugs. We invite you to browse our catalog, where you can find a variety of designs that may appeal to you, and to view the extensive selection of nursery rugs offered by Amara Washable Rugs.

Is it recommended to use area or round nursery rugs in a small room with a crib, a sideboard, and a mobile baby in the center of the room?

Circular rugs can make a room appear larger by drawing the eye in a circular motion. We provide a collection of nursery rugs where you will surely find a round rug ideal for your decoration. Check our online collection regularly or contact us at with any questions..