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Moss Rug

Amara brings you this incredible moss rug that visually resembles grass. feeling grass beneath one's toes when stepping onto artificial grass. This fluffy rug is ideal for use as a kids' bedroom carpet, girls' room rug, boys' room floor mat, living room rug, nursery room carpet, as well as balcony,deck,patio,walkways,porches,doormat,staircase,swimming pool, and backyard. Ideal for playing with children and picnicking. This shaggy area rug with a minimalist design, solid color, and simple lines creates a warm and lively atmosphere, as well as a new visual experience and fresh vitality for interior design.

The most notable characteristic of this material is its incredibly soft feel, especially when walked upon. This softness is the result of thousands of plush 1.7" fibers. In addition, we have a rubber backing to keep it in place. With a furry appearance and a plush texture, our rugs not only add a distinct aesthetic, but also provide warmth and comfort between your family and the cold floor, making this decorative rug more functional. We have a wide range of colors so that our rugs will look good in any room.

We recommend vacuuming or wiping it down. When cleaning is required, please hand-wash and air-dry the rug to maintain its loft and longevity. After the rug has been air-dried, it is preferable to fluff it. Not machine washable.


Moss Rug

Is a moss rug ideal for bathroom?

Moss rugs are forest moss, hydrated by raindrops and the environment's humidity. THE OUTCOME. The moss carpet is like bringing a piece of independence into the home. It is soft and calming, and you begin to daydream when you step on it.

Is a moss rug with mushroom good?

A moss rug is effective at absorbing water and keeping your feet dry when you stand on it. Additionally, they are more eco-friendly than many conventional bath mats.