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modern rugs

In response to a customer survey regarding rug color preferences, we've altered the color scheme of our modern rugs. The improved cool rug color provides a warmer, cozier, and more family-friendly environment, as determined by the majority of people's choices. Standard Dimensions: 4' x 6'; Thickness: 8-10 mm; Pile Height: 35 mm. Amara Washable Rugs' modern rugs are exceptionally plush. In the summer, these rugs can be used in rooms with air conditioning and in the winter on heated floors. The soundproof carpet is suitable for any room, including the living room, bedroom, playroom, and children's room.

These modern rugs are machine-washable with a mesh laundry bag that can be cleaned at home. The rug is packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag to maintain its cleanliness. When the bag is first opened, the rug's sponge is a bit thinner than usual, but after two or three days, it will return to its normal thickness.

It is ideal for families with children and pets due to the carpet backing's high-density non-slip points, which increase friction between the carpet and floor. Additionally, the lining is constructed from non-woven fabric, so it will not damage the floor.


modern rugs

Can an oatmeal beige rug be used as a modern beige rug?

The most prevalent color is oatmeal beige. A densely piled, plush shag rug is the ideal place to rest your feet. The shaggy appearance of these rugs is a result of their high pile. A plush rug with a dense pile is the ideal place to rest your feet. The shaggy appearance of these rugs is a result of their high pile. Beige is a neutral color that adds elegance to your living room; if it matches your décor, a beige rug will accentuate the contemporary feel of the area in which it is placed.

What color should be used on a modern Moroccan rug for the living room with modern decor?

Darker, more opulent hues help define an intimate space, while lighter hues enlarge the appearance of a smaller room. Spicy hues such as yellow, orange, and red add warmth, whereas cool hues create serenity, especially in a well-lit space. In a sophisticated setting with red and brown hues, a Moroccan rug is ideal because it allows you to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

What makes a rug become a modern area rug?

Contemporary and modern area rug designs frequently feature geometric or abstract patterns with clean lines.