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Collection: Living Room Carpet

living room carpet

This simple but stylish living room carpet is not only a versatile piece of home decor, but also an excellent protector for fragile wooden floors and an excellent noise-reducing footpad. This carpet from the Amara Washable Rugs collection is designed to provide superior performance with virtually stain-proof coloration, allowing it to retain its vibrancy through heavy use. The SoilShield technology is resistant to soil and grime damage, and the manufactured filament fiber reduces shedding. Vacuum and spot clean for maintenance-free upkeep. This carpet is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dens, basements, hallways, and offices.

This living room carpet is both stylish and simple to maintain, making it the ideal base for any entryway ensemble. Choose this carpet for a ravishing update, and then create a unified look with a glossy white bench for shoe storage and a polished silver bowl pendant to make it sparkle. This distinctive design is machine-woven from 100% polypropylene with a cotton backing and a low pile height for a casual appearance. Its gray tones are sure to blend in beautifully with the décor of your home.

To reduce shedding, solution-dyed filament polyester is manufactured from filament fiber. PureColor Solution-Dyed Fiber offers inherent stain resistance and our proprietary SoilShield technology.


living room carpet

Can these luxury carpets for living room really stay in place without using rug pads?

This living room carpet does not require a rug pad. Always remain stationary. Amazingly plush and functional carpet.


Does the latex on the back of the living room carpet modern start to breakdown after a few washes?

Will not deteriorate. This living room carpet has a different backing than the area rugs; the woven non-slip base blends in with the carpet, and it can be washed repeatedly without showing any signs of disintegration. Can remain stationary at all times.

What are the benefits of having a living room carpet large washable?

Ideal for high-traffic areas prone to dirt are carpets that can be cleaned. Whether it's the entryway, mudroom, kitchen, or living room that leads out to the patio or backyard, there are certain high-traffic areas that accumulate dirt more quickly than others.