Collection: Jute rug

Jute rug

At Amara, we believe that a jute rug may be the perfect way to bring some natural beauty into your home. Using dried plant fibers, this type of rug creates a beautiful, long-lasting rug for any room of your home. 

The jute plant produces fibers that are used to make the jute rug. Due to its durability, burlap fabric, ropes, and rugs of all shapes and sizes are made from this type of fiber. The jute rug is surprisingly soft despite its ability to withstand years of use. Natural fiber rugs are among the plushest in the world. A jute rug, for example, is softer than a sisal rug, so you'll be able to fully appreciate the wool-like feel of the fibers when you're barefoot.

Jute rug

The main reason people buy jute rugs is that they can easily add an organic feel and exotic look to any room. Jute rugs are a great choice if you love the outdoors and the beauty of the earth. The soft, thick rug is perfect for kids or pets who like to lie down on the floor while they play or watch TV.

The natural color of jute rugs is tan, but they can be dyed in almost any shade and pattern. Whether you prefer earthy tones with a brown striped or a pop of color with a monochrome red, you'll find the jute rug that fits perfectly your home. In addition to solid colors, you can also buy rugs made of jute with patterns. 

Is your jute rug collection soft?

The Amara jute rug collection is as soft as it can be. Jute is naturally a soft, shiny, and long material. After harvest, its soft fibers are spun, bundled, and soaked in water to further soften their tissues. The result is that jute rugs are among the softest natural area rugs available today.

In which rooms would a jute rug 6x9 be the best fit? 

For most living and dining rooms, an 8x10 jug rug is suitable. If your living room is smaller than 11x13, consider a rug that measures 6x9. These rugs often end up floating beneath the coffee table, making the room appear smaller.

Where would a round jute rug look best?

A round jute rug looks great when placed next to or atop a rectangle rug. It can also be used to emphasize a focal point in the living room, such as a statement chair, table, or other pieces of furniture.

What are the benefits of a jute rug 5x8?

The jute fibers are natural, soft, and durable. It is relatively easy to clean jute rugs and they are pet-friendly. Most of the time, all that is required is a vacuum cleaner.
For small living rooms, offices, or under the foot of a queen-sized bed, medium-sized jute rugs 5x8 are perfect. We recommend placing the furniture so that all legs are on the rug or at least the front legs.