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Collection: Green Rug

green rug

At Amara Washable Rugs, we provide an assortment of green rugs. Green is regarded as the most calming color because it represents stability and harmony. It is also the color of hope and is associated with nature, prosperity, fertility, health, and generosity, in addition to conveying tranquility and calmness. You can show your friends and family that you have good taste in interior design by putting one of our green carpets in the room you like best.

This green rug could be a visual game-changer due to its superior finish and exquisite design. The latex backing prevents it from slipping, while the tufted fabric provides cozy comfort underfoot. Additionally, you can place it in high-traffic areas such as your living room or entryway because the low pile height makes cleaning simple.

The low pile height and latex backing of our green rug make it easy to clean and place in a variety of settings.

green rug

Is the green rug for bedroom a good choice?

Undoubtedly, green is a color that evokes peace and tranquility. A green rug from the Amara Washable Rugs collection is the perfect accent for your bedroom. Do not forget to peruse our assortment, where you will undoubtedly find a green rug to your liking.

Is the forest green rug a good choice for a studio?

Darker, more vibrant hues define an intimate space, whereas lighter hues enlarge a smaller area. One of the best carpet colors for hiding dirt is forest green. If the carpet is darker in color, the dirt will be less noticeable. The powder and dust will blend into the forest green background. Your studio would benefit from a rug from the Amara Washable Rugs Collection in forest green.

Do you offer a sage green rug catalog?

Yes, we provide a collection of green rugs that can accommodate everybody's budget. Check it out here

Is there a clearance green rug pattern on this site?

We run multiple promotions per year. Please contact us at