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Collection: Cow Hide Rug

cow hide rug

At Amara Washable Rugs, we take great satisfaction in the quality of the cow hide rugs we sell. Each cow hide rug that enters our warehouse is inspected, and if it does not meet our standards, it is placed in the closeout section and its price is significantly reduced.

Each animal print cow hide rug is stenciled on a white, beige, or caramel-colored cow hide. The animal print cow hide rug is an inexpensive substitute for a genuine zebra, leopard, or tiger hide. Additionally, cleaning a cow hide rug is much simpler and less expensive.

In contrast to other cow hide rugs on the market today, which can be quite stiff, the materials of the Amara cow hide rug are quite supple and soft. In addition, our manufacturers do not use any tanning solutions that produce the odor that is commonly associated with cow hide rugs. Our Brazilian cow hide rugs are among the finest in the world.

cow hide rug

Do cow rugs smell?

A cow hide rug is the complete skin and hair of a cow that has been tanned using either the environmentally preferable vegetable tanning process or the chrome tanning process. Cow hides smell exactly like leather because they are leather. cow hide is a natural product and will have the same odor as other types of leather. When you purchase a high-quality rug, it has already been cleaned and treated with care. It will not have a foul odor.

How much does a luxury cow hide rug cost?

We conduct numerous promotions per year. We encourage you to visit our online collection frequently or to contact us at, where you are certain to find a rug that suits your taste and budget.

How do I care for my cow hide rug and furniture?

We recommend routinely vacuuming cow hide-upholstered furniture with a soft brush on a low to medium setting. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the cow hide, vacuum in the direction of the hairs at all times. As soon as possible, absorb any liquids that have been spilled using a clean cloth.