Collection: Colorful Rugs

Colorful Rugs

Adding colorful rugs to a room has been proven to improve its style as well as our mood. At Amara, we are very proud to present you with one of the largest collections of colorful rugs and we are happy to show you how to choose the right color depending on your room.

Change the color to change the vibe

For example, for a white room, you can choose natural earthy tones to keep a neutral balance or go for a striking colorful rug to give the room a completely new style.

To liven up a neutral space, a bit of color can make you happier and energized. Try adding purple and warm hues to your bedroom for a relaxing vibe or yellow and green to a living room to make it full of life.

To brighten the kitchen or entry hall, break the conventions and go for a striking colorful runner. On intricate patterns, go for solid yellow or floral designs.

Discover Amara Colorful area rugs collection

At Amara, we curated this collection specifically for those who choose the artistic and multicolored way to express themselves. With high-quality materials, from wool to Jute, we compiled here our best rugs to style your rooms and dress your floors. Kids will particularly love our collection of rugs.

For those who like the furnishing country style, colorful floor covers will act as a perfect balance and complement the existing furnishing, not competing for attention.

Colorful and washable

Colorful does not mean it can´t be washed. Discover our machine-washable collection, with deals and promotions all year long. Those are specially made to stand for bad weather and spills, making your rug last longer and keeping its original colors.

To match natural and coastal furniture styles, go for a Jute rug. The soft fiber and unique style will guarantee a sophisticated yet cheerful look as a result.

Colorful Rugs

Are colorful rugs for living room washable?

Yes. Some of our colorful rugs are also machine-washable rugs to make them simple to maintain. They are also spill-free. You can simply vacuum and use the washing machine after. Be sure to use neutral soap and cold water. To dry just place it outside or use the no-heat mode of your dryer.

What colorful rugs 8x10 make a room look bigger?

Go for light-colored rugs to make your space appear brighter and more open. In addition, our colorful rug adds an artistic modern touch to your favorite room. A more aggressive color will usually reduce the size of a room in perception.

Do you provide colorful rugs for bedroom?

Yes. We provide a collection of colorful rugs that can accommodate everybody's budget. Check out our online collection and select the best item for you.

Should small colorful rugs match the floor?

As long as you vary its appearance and texture, your area rug will make the statement you desire in a carpeted room. Choose complementary or similar hues. The use of a colorful rug will revitalize your space.