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Collection: Circle Rug

circle rug

This circle rug from Amara will add a touch of global-inspired style to your indoor space. This circular area rug features a latex backing to help keep it in place and is designed to feel soft underfoot while withstanding heavy foot traffic in high-traffic areas of the home. The circle rug features a beautiful design intended to revitalize any space and contributes to a variety of design options.

Wonderful decorative elements that can add a great deal of inspiration to a room are circular rugs. You can achieve an eclectic look by placing your circle rug on carpets. Our contemporary circular rugs are exceptionally comfortable. Washable rugs from the Amara collection offer an entirely new experience due to their distinctive texture. A collection of individual works of art in the form of circular rugs. Our vibrantly colored rugs are capable of transforming any room.

Create an air of sophistication with this sophisticated Amara Washable Rugs circular rug. Subtle hues inspired by minerals reflect the natural beauty of stone with a touch of artistic sophistication. Choose from intriguing abstracts and contemporary renditions of classic works. Place your home at the forefront of contemporary design.

Amara offers round rugs in a vast array of lifestyles and aesthetics, with an incredible selection of colors, styles, materials, and sizes to accommodate every budget, taste, and need.

circle rug

Should I choose circle rugs for my living room?

Our natural fiber round rugs are excellent for living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and other high-traffic areas of your home. This fashionable and adaptable rug adds the ideal beachy or rustic vibe to any room.

Where can an area rug be used?

The selection of the ideal rug is an essential part of the decorating process. Whether it's a large area rug or a small accent rug, the right size rug can unify your decor and make your room feel uncluttered. Area rugs can be used indoors to cover an area of a room, as well as outdoors to cover the backyard, the area near your pool, or a small corner of your patio. Round rugs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and other high-traffic areas of your residence.

Can I use a rug as an accent in a large room?

Accent rugs are usually small rugs that can be placed in spaces where larger rugs cannot be used. They are typically 4' by 6' or smaller. Due to their length, runners do not belong in the category of accent rugs. There is typically insufficient space to accommodate more intricate patterns on accent rugs. On the other hand, round rugs add a great deal of depth and visual appeal to a space and draw attention to that space. Round rugs are an excellent alternative to rectangular or square rugs. You can also find circular rugs in a variety of sizes that complement the overall layout of your room.

Is it possible to get a bath rug?

Yes, you can contact us at with any questions.