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Collection: Bedroom Rugs

bedroom rugs

Use bedroom rugs to cover your flooring and protect it. The reversible cotton weave of this hand-loomed rug ensures lasting elegance, and its low pile minimizes shedding. Its abstract patterns give off a relaxed vibe and liven up your space.

Amara Washable Bedroom rugs are ideal for this space and other areas of your home with moderate traffic.
Features ultra-soft, fuzzy, fluffy plush that is odorless and shed-free, and free of harmful substances.

These luxurious decorative bedroom rugs are suitable for both children and pets.

Soft rectangle rugs give any room, including your bedroom, nursery, or other space, a fashionable edge.

Take pleasure in a fluffy, super-soft feeling on your bare feet.

Ideal as a housewarming gift for a friend, a Christmas gift, or a gift for a baby girl or boy shower, these soft shaggy Amara Washable bedroom rugs are also a great choice.

bedroom rugs

What shapes are available within bedroom rugs 8 x 10?

We invite you to look through our catalog, where you can find various designs that might be to your liking, to see the wide selection of bedroom rugs that Amara Washable Rugs has to offer.

Do you offer any soft bedroom rugs?

If you're looking for a modern, low-maintenance soft bedroom rug, this is it. Amara Washable bedroom rugs are made of materials that are sourced sustainably and resistant to shedding.

In what sizes do you offer bedroom rugs?

At Amara, we can offer our clients different bedroom rug sizes. Choose a rug size between 810 feet and 912 feet, making sure it is at least five to seven inches wider on all sides than your bed.

Do you provide bedroom rugs that are cheap?

Yes, we provide a collection of bedroom rugs that can accommodate everybody´s budget. Check our online collection regularly or contact us at for any questions.