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Area Rug

A rug is not merely a floor covering. A rug brings a room to life by creating a focal point and defining a space for the furniture. A properly sized and designed area rug significantly improves the overall design of a room so that everything appears to belong together. It also adds functionality by protecting your floors, absorbing noise, and providing underfoot comfort and warmth. Shopping for rugs can be difficult, especially online where the rug cannot be seen or touched until it is ordered. Before purchasing an area rug, we understand that our customers conduct extensive research.

As a customer of Amara Washable Rugs, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we will do everything possible to ensure you receive a product you adore.

Our collection of area rugs includes a vast selection of rugs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, ranging from solid colors to unique patterns. These jute-backed polypropylene rugs will add style to your home. Our sleek and functional low pile will allow you to place these rugs in difficult-to-access areas. These area rugs are made from family- and pet-friendly materials and are ideal for high-traffic areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallways, and outdoors!. Our mission is to provide the highest quality rugs at the most affordable prices!


Area Rug

Is a modern rug a suitable choice for a space that can accommodate rugs 9x12?

Using the Amara Washable Rugs collection, it is simple to add a touch of antique elegance to any room. Our 9x12 area rugs feature a comfortable combination of colors and designs, all expressed in a language of intricate detail that reveals more to admire with every glance.
Please note that the design you select will depend on the décor of your room. Amara Washable Rugs carries a large selection of 9x12 area rugs that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

What is the difference between a rug and an area rug?

An accent rug is a small rug, usually 4-by-6 feet or smaller, that's used to add a design accent such as color, texture, or both to a room. An area rug, on the other hand, is a larger rug that's intended to fill a large area of the room for either comfort and usability of the space or design impact in the space.

Can area rugs 8x10 be washed in a washing machine?

The 8x10 washable rugs from Amara can be put in a regular washing machine. This makes them perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic and spills.