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Abstract Rug

Discover luxury in artistic expression with the Amara abstract rug. This design entices the sense of touch and captivates the mind with its impressionist flair. A natural color palette with multidimensional hues that are easy to coordinate with a variety of interior design styles. Use this abstract rug to add visual drama to a bedroom, sophisticated comfort to a social space, or as the centerpiece of a well-appointed dining arrangement.
Our abstract rug is constructed from a unique blend of fibers. Strong natural wool imparts an organic quality, while luminous viscose imparts a subtle sheen. This area rug design from Amara Washable Rugs will appeal to admirers of modern and transitional furnishings. With the boho chic aesthetic in mind, this abstract rug features captivating watercolor effects and intricate patterns.

This machine-made area rug with a 1/2-inch soft synthetic yarn pile is ideal for indoor spaces. Ideal for high-traffic areas because it is child- and pet-friendly. Maintaining your rug in accordance with the instructions on the care label will help prevent stains for years to come.


Abstract Rug

How do you place a geometric abstract rug in a living room?

Placing a rug in a living room depends on your space's size and the layout of your furniture. For smaller setups try 5x8 or 6x9 with the front legs on your rug. For mid-sized and large areas, place an appropiately-sized rug like 8x10 or larger, under the furniture with just the front legs on the rug, or with all four legs on top.

Can I use an 8x10 abstract rug under a twin bed?

Get a classy look by placing a 5x8 or 6x9 abstract rug under the bottom two-thirds of a twin bed. This placement leaves the nightstands off but has plenty of room for your feet to land in the morning.

What size should my modern abstract rug be if I want to place it in a small room?

Have a small space? Make a seating area with a love seat and arm chair. We recommended all front legs stay on the rug so your furniture doesn't feel like it's floating.

Is an abstract rug colorful popular?

Abstract rugs are colorful and come in various forms and patterns, which can make it difficult to choose one that suits you!. Abstract rugs remain very popular for their sophistication and art designs.